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Martin Röttger
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Martin Röttger migrated to Hamburg from his native Sweden as a child, where he began
performing live with local jazz and blues bands in 1979 at the age of 12. He has played
drums ever since and has appeared with such well-known artists as Chuck Berry, Louisiana
Red and appeared as special with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull during his 2009 Tour in
Today he is one of the European pioneers of the cajon, a fascinating percussion instrument
originating from Peru. The cajon looks like a loudspeaker box and is played with the hands,
while simultaneously serving as a seat for the player. Most commonly used as a percussion
instrument in Flamenco, in the right hands it can sound astonishingly like a drum kit. Martin
appears to have been the first to discover how well-suited the cajon is for blues and boogiewoogie
rhythms and has earned an excellent reputation in this scene within a comparatively
short space of time. Without doubt he is now one of the most highly regarded artists on this
increasingly popular instrument today.
Martin has also written three seminal instruction books on the cajon and gives numerous
clinics in music stores and adult education institutes.

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